Warning: This series wrecked me.

Once in a while a book comes along that makes you regret reading. Then, when the series is over, you regret getting invested in the characters because when they are gone, when the series suddenly ends, you have to pick up the pieces alone. When a book like this comes along, it becomes hard to read again. You are scarred from being left behind and never want to be left behind again.

That is this series.

The series begins with Kelsey, an orphan who takes a job at a carnival while it stops in town for a few weeks. While there, she is in charge of taking care of the white tiger. The tiger, however, is actually an Indian prince, who has been cursed and can only be a man for 24 minutes out of the day.

With demons, dragons, prophets, a set of brothers who are like yin and yang, and time travel, this series doesn’t disappoint. There is something for everyone: daring fights, romantic scenes, and riddles galore. This is one of the best series I have ever read.

The first book in the series does not contain as much romance as the following three, but I can say that there is enough adventure and imaginative description in the books to drown out any romance if unwanted.

Fair warning: Kelsey is annoying.

Everyone thinks that they would make better choices if they were the main character in the books they read, but I happen to know that I definitely would make better choices… at least, I hope.

Honestly, Kelsey can be really stupid sometimes. She can make choices based on fear rather than fact (I know that sounds reasonable, but read the books and you’ll understand why it’s not). However, her faults allow you one more thing to talk about with your “book buddy.”

I cannot tell you the number of times we ranted and yelled about Kelsey because she was being a poo-poo head. The choices she makes can seem illogical, and the people around her seem to fall at her feet for no apparent reason. She is surrounded by men who constantly rave about her appearance and her personality, and yet, she seems self-conscious and many times ruled by overwhelming bouts of fear and anger.

However, Kelsey’s character is not a reason to not read the books. Wading through her personality and emotional upheaval does not make the book less enjoyable, simply easier to talk about. I was actually able to become more emotionally attached to the characters as I became increasingly angry with Kelsey.

This is a series that is perfect to share with others. The easy language and abundant description make it easy to talk about and fun to fan-girl (or boy) over. You’ll get swept away and fully enthralled in Colleen Houck’s world and you won’t want to come out of it. And although Kelsey is stupid (can you tell I am resentful of her), it makes for a powerful read.

Copyright 2015 Marielle Lyons

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