The “Otherworld Assassin” series came to me when I was applying for colleges. At the time, my already tumultuous life was thrown into more upheaval. These books helped me through that time, not because of what they were but because of what they weren’t.

Although many people want books that are new and inspiring, take turns they don’t expect, and force them to look at their lives differently, I needed the exact opposite. Everything in my life was changing, and these books were my stability.

What I mean is, these particular books were the most predictable books I had ever read and that gave me solace somehow. They allowed me to understand that although my life was changing, not everything does. I remember reading these books, especially the first, on the long trips with my mother, touring different colleges and hating every one of them. I remember reading these books instead of crying about my future and my lost friends.

But as terrible as my life seemed at the time, these books allowed me to step out of my world and realize that some things are constant.

The Otherworld Assassin series is by Gena Showalter. Although unfinished, the series is set to have a third and final installment—if she ever stops writing other books (she has been known to leave series unfinished).

The Otherworld Assassin series is about three spies: Solomon, Corbin, and John. At the advent of the series, the headquarters is blown up and each spy is separated: Solomon is sent to a circus, Corbin is left for dead, and John is taken to an undisclosed location.

Each of the three books focuses (or will focus, in the case of John’s book—the one that hasn’t been published yet) on each character’s individual story. With Solomon falling in love with a carny, Corbin making out with an ex-spy turned doctor, and honestly who knows what’s up with John at this point, these books will take you on a rollercoaster of satisfaction and bitterness.

But understand, these books are not great works of art. They are meant for jaded, stay-at-home moms.

They’re written somewhat better than “50 Shades of Grey,” with slightly more imagination and  relationships that won’t make you weep for humanity.

That being said, these book are enjoyable. They are a guilty pleasure. With a quick plot and fast-paced language, they are sure to please.

What are your thoughts?

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